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This is my first big bowl.  It really is more of an art piece than a functioning bowl due to the delicate frit bottom with openings. I think it could be carefully hung on a wall.  As with any open ended frit, pieces can and do break off.  A white wall or a light color, would allow the clear frit to be seen on the navy blue rectangles, they are a nice detail that could get lost on a dark surface.  There is blue steel frit, some of which has retained its original blue while in other areas it has turned into its steel metallic color.  


It was first fused to around 1430 F for 21 hours and then draped over a bowl mold at 1220 F for 24 hours.  


Diameter:  11 inches - 12.5 inches

Height: 3 inches

Blue Dream Drape

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