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Studio Time

Most people take around 3 hours to complete their first piece.

All off your glass will be heated to at least 1400 °F for over 28 hours to fuse and for over 36 hours to slump or drape into its final shape. Your glass will be ready to be picked up about a week later.

Delicious Glass Class

"Glass Fusing in Lowell" is the name of my Meet Up group.  Its a great activities platform, through which I schedule classes on and members can sign up.  But I know not everyone wants to be a part of Meet Up, so please just email, call or text me.  I can reserve you a spot in a specific Meet Up, if you see one that interests you or we can arrange a class at convenient time.  Everyone must pay a $20 deposit to reserve their place in the class.  The deposit is fully refundable if the class is cancelled or rescheduled.  

List of Delicious Glass Classes
Let's get our fuse on!!
Lucy, the kiln.

Classes meet one time and unless otherwise stated they typically take 2- 3 hours, you may leave after you finish your piece(s).   I am always available to stay as long as you need.  The record so far is about 6 hours.  First timers are always welcomed to every Delicious Glass Class.   Everyone receives individualized attention in my cozy studio.    All classes include materials, use of studio tools & molds, and one or more firings in the kiln, Lucy.  

I will be offering a workshop, exploring various fusing techniques, glass painting using powdered fine glass and mica, even exploring with glow-in-the-dark powder. 


Y hablo español, asi que se puede programar una clase de vitrofusion, una noche de pareja o familiar etc.  Por favor, escribame o llameme.

New Classes Will Magically Appear Soon!

Workshop: Intro to Glass Fusing

Next Workshop TBD

​This workshop is designed to give you a variety of easy techniques that can produce both simple and sophisticated pieces.

Class #1: GLASS FUSING - An Introduction


What is glass fusing? You will learn exactly what glass fusing is. We can get nerdy or keep it simple, I will let the class take the lead on that. You will learn how heat effects glass, what annealing is, how slumping into or draping over mold works and how to compose your piece. After you learn how to cut sheet glass and stringers, you will be able to make your own 10” x 5” or 2, 5” x 5” fused glass piece. Just, FYI, you will never be around the heat of my kiln Lucy. But your first piece will. This first firing will be very hot and melty giving you an opportunity to embellish your piece with textured accents later.


By the next class, your piece or pieces will be fully fused. You will be able to take them home as is, slump or drape them as is, give them some new texture/color, embellish them with some glow in the dark glass paint and/or iridescent micca powder.


Class #2: The Power of Powders and Micca


We will be looking to add some texture to our pieces and will be I will be showing you how to mix powders with different glass media so you can paint on your glass. Some powders add a touch of color, others glow in the dark and micca leaves a great iridescent sheen behind. You may like to use some paint or you may not, it is completely up to you. You can embellish your already fully fused pieces and you will be also making a 12” x 4” or a 14” x 2.5” shallow tray.


Class #3: Fritilicious


You will be learning to a make round draped votive candle holder. You can make it completely out of frit or combine sheet glass with frit to make a 6” diameter, round candle holder which will be fused and then draped into its final shape by your next class.


If there is time you will also choose and cut your glass for your next class project, “Gridilicious”.


Class #4: Gridilicous    


We will be making and decorating square or rectangle “gridilicious” pieces. These are grids that can easily be hung on a wall or just be a great decorative piece. They are made of cut strips of sheet glass that lend themselves to be decorated by stringers and perhaps a touch of frit.


Class #5: Last Class – Finish your projects and/or make a Small Dish or Medium Grid


This last class will give you time to finish your projects and/or let your new knowledge shine in a small dish (up to 5” x 5”) or a medium gridilicious piece up to 10” x 10”. We can also review everything and answer any lingering questions you may have.

Glass Fusing and Casting Classes

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